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M>Sayyid of Antipop Consortium


Directed by Latitia Masson


  Error tape 1 is a continuation of foward leaning music so thouroughly defined by his previous efforts with Antipop Consortium. Exploration and Experimentation in beat and bar remains a continuous expression in the artist work as he plows through colourful rythms and harmonies in this mixtape release.









  Tune in to  ARTE the French television station devoted to progessive programing in the arts -  this fall and see M.Sayyid aka Maurice Greene appear as the Charecter Leonard Bloom in the television mini series AURORE Directed by Laetitia Masson starring Elodie Bouchez. He has also contributed music for the film alongside Award winning Film Composer Bruno Coulais.  The film is set to air on ARTÉ Fall 2017.

In this Noisey Featured interview M.Sayyid talks about his move to Paris
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Grace and the color of sound Multimedia collaboration with Mathais Cazenave and Roxane Bonnet coming soon trailer 1




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